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BMC looks to simplify network operations

BMC Software is expected to announce upgrades to two of its systems management products on Monday.

BMC Software on Monday is expected to announce upgrades to two of its systems management products, which are designed to prevent crashes and give companies a better picture of their network operations.

BMC added visual tools to its BMC Event Manager program that are meant to simplify the process of setting up management policies. For example, a system administrator could set up a process that sends a page to a network manager when it appears that there is an attempt at a network break-in. Previously, the product required that people write custom scripts to trigger events, which are more difficult to modify and maintain, BMC executives said. BMC also released an update to SLM Express, a product designed to monitor how well systems are meeting performance targets, or service level agreements. Through a partnership with reporting software company Business Objects, BMC has added the ability to generate reports around service level agreements and other measures of network performance.