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Bluehost Incorporates AI Into New WordPress Site-Building Package

WonderSuite involves several tools that are available now and some that will be available later this year.

Zachary McAuliffe Staff writer
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Zachary McAuliffe
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Bluehost logo on a smartphone
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Bluehost, a web hosting service that specializes in WordPress hosting, said Wednesday it's launching a new WordPress site-building package that uses artificial intelligence. The package is called WonderSuite, and Bluehost said it's designed to be a digital co-pilot to help you easily create websites fast.

"With WonderSuite, we remove the complexities of building a website or store with WordPress…so [our customers] can publish their site and see success earlier for their business," Ed Jay, president of Bluehost's parent company Newfold Digital, said in a news release.

A WonderStart help box asking a customer what their experience is with WordPress

WonderAssist will ask you questions like, "What is your experience with WordPress?"


WonderSuite includes six tools that can be used now, including WonderStart and WonderHelp, and other tools that will be added later, such as WonderAssist.

Bluehost calls WonderStart an easy and personalized onboarding tool that asks you questions and uses your answers in other parts of the site-building process. For example, Bluehost said if you enter your social media handles in WonderStart, the tool will automatically send them to SEO optimization and the relevant social media buttons will be added to your site.

WonderHelp is "an AI-powered, actionable step-by-step guide," according to Bluehost. The company said the tool will provide answers and step-by-step guides to questions you might have during the site-building process, like, "How to create a blog in WordPress?"

WonderAssist will be available later this year, but Bluehost said it's an AI-powered content generator that can provide customers with things like product descriptions and SEO-friendly excerpts.

WonderTheme's library of themes

WonderTheme is a library of site themes you can choose from.


Other tools include a multipurpose WordPress theme called WonderTheme, a library of block patterns and page templates called WonderBlocks and an ecommerce feature meant to help boost online sales called WonderCart. 

Creating a website can seem like a daunting task, especially if you aren't confident in your digital skills. Many web hosting services provide knowledge bases full of helpful guides, and the best web hosting services provide customer support via email, chat and phone, but it can still be difficult to get answers to questions you might have.

Making the site-building process more accessible and easier to troubleshoot is great for customers who have never made a site before or are unfamiliar with WordPress.

However, I am concerned WonderAssist will run into some issues on Google Search, especially given Google's own comments about content produced by AI.

"We haven't said AI content is bad," Danny Sullivan, Google's public search liaison, tweeted in 2022. "We've said, pretty clearly, content written primarily for search engines rather than humans is the issue."

Whether WonderAssist will be thwarted by Google Search remains to be seen, though.

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