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BlackBerrys sync with Mac OS X

New software synchronizes Research In Motion devices with Mac OS X.

Software developer Information Appliance Associates announced Thursday the release of an application synchronizing Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices with Apple's Mac OS X.

The $29.95 program, called PocketMac BlackBerry Edition, allows data, such as contact, calendar and address book information, to be exchanged by some BlackBerry models and a computer running version 10.3 or higher of the Mac OS. The application also requires that the computer use Office 2004 for Mac.

The software is compatible with the personal information parts of Microsoft's Entourage application, as well as the OS X address book, iCal and Now Software's Now Contact and Now Up-To-Date programs.

The program works with the BlackBerry 5810, 6210, 6230, 6280, 6510, 6710, 6750, 7210, 7230, 7280, 7510, 7730, 7750 and 7780, and the RIM 957 device.

In late May, RIM and software partner Epicad announced a similar application for BlackBerry 5800, 6200, 6500, 6700, 7200, 7500 and 7700 series devices and computers running Mac OS 10.3 and higher. A license for the Epicad software, called SyncAgain, costs $139. SyncAgain synchronizes with BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, and is currently available only to users of that server software.

A version of SyncAgain for BlackBerry owners without the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software is in the works, according to the company's Web site.