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.biz finally makes Web debut

After a series of delays, its launch effectively jump-starts 160,000 preregistered Web addresses in more than 150 countries.

After a series of delays, the new .biz domain suffix has launched, according to registry operator NeuLevel.

The domain was activated Wednesday at midnight, effectively jump-starting 160,000 preregistered Web addresses in more than 150 countries. New registrations will also be accepted.

The new domain is part of a list of other new Web suffixes that will be introduced, including .name, .pro, .aero, .museum and .coop. Another new top-level domain, .info, opened to the public in September but has experienced complications arising from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the launch of a system for real-time registrations.

A Los Angeles judge had forced NeuLevel to delay the .biz launch pending a lawsuit alleging the company was assigning domain names through an illegal lottery system. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit eventually declined to post a bond preventing the company from assigning disputed names.

Reuters contributed to this report.