Beyonce's 'Lemonade' drops this Saturday -- here's how to get in formation

What do Beyonce and lemonade have to do with each other? We'll find out this Saturday on HBO.

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If you're not a Beyonce fan, HBO subscriber or a millennial, you might not know what Beyonce and lemonade have to do with each other. Fret not, fellow human. No one really knows.

Over the weekend Beyonce dropped a trailer for "Lemonade," an hour-long special that will debut worldwide on HBO this Saturday, April 23 at 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT.

Is Beyonce about to start shilling refreshing beverages the way Diddy sweats Ciroc? Probably not. However, with an upcoming tour and no release date for a new album in sight, everyone's expecting "Lemonade" to provide some answers to what's next from Beyonce. (Like a clever, long-running inside joke on "Arrested Development," hints of lemons have been sprinkled in her Instagram photos for the past few months.)

HBO knows the thirst for a new Beyonce album is real, so the premium cable TV channel will be free this weekend for non-subscribers to indulge in whatever Queen Bey has in store. Cord cutters can also watch it by signing up for a free month of HBO NOW.

If Lemonade is a new single or album, it could drop on Friday (when new music is generally released), and that would give the record a healthy buzz before the HBO special. Beyonce's last record (dubbed a "visual album" because every song had a music video) basically established the "surprise album drop." This mysterious worldwide premiere could be a worthy follow up.

Though Beyonce has a healthy relationship with HBO, her husband, rapper and producer Jay-Z's, relationship with Tidal has begun to sour. He recently sued the streaming music service's previous owners for inflating the number of subscribers Tidal had before he purchased the company.

This is an important tidbit for anyone who wants to listen to "Lemonade" (assuming this is indeed either is an album or song). Beyonce's latest single, "Formation," was only available for streaming on Tidal (like fellow Tidal owners Rihanna and Kanye West's newest albums). Anyone eager to see or hear what Beyonce has up her sleeve might have to sign-up for Tidal to do so (if they weren't already lured in by free memberships when Rihanna's or Kanye's album dropped).

But if the aforementioned lawsuit means Jay-Z is planning to tell the company to make like a hyphen and get out of his life, then Beyonce has little reason to make her content exclusive to Tidal. Of course, this is all conjecture. As far as we know, "Lemonade" could be a something else entirely, like a kick-ass, creepy mini-series directed by Blue Ivy. Unless we get more information, we'll all have to wait and tune in Saturday to find out.

We reached out to HBO but they did not share any information.