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Better search finds its way into Android Chrome

An update to Google Chrome for Android brings better search, with an update to iOS Chrome in the offing.

Changes to Chrome 27 for Android deliver search tweaks. Google

Google made searching in Chrome for Android a bit easier with an update Wednesday to the browser.

The latest stable version of Google Chrome 27 for Android (download) now displays search queries in the location bar's Omnibox. The change obfuscates the URL display during searches, to show more results and make it easier to tweak the search terms, according to the Google blog announcing the update.

Another tweak hides the location bar entirely once you start scrolling, so that you can view a Web page in fullscreen. History viewing has finally made it to the tablet version of Android Chrome, viewable by long-pressing the browser's back button. The full changelog for Chrome 27 for Android is here.

Voice search improved in Chrome 27 for iOS. Google

For Chrome on iOS (download), the update will bring the kind of voice search that just landed in Chrome for desktops and is already in Chrome for Android.

iOS Chrome will also get faster page reloading thanks to better cache management. The release comes on the heels of a new return to app feature for the browser. Google says that people can expect Chrome 27 for iOS in the App Store in the next few days.