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Out of Time? Grab One of These Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Yes, Mother's Day is almost here. But don't worry, we've got you covered with this list.

Mother's Day is almost here, and the window to get the perfect gift shipped to your house in time is closing quickly. But even if you've put off your shopping until the last minute, there are plenty of great gift ideas that any mom (or mother figure in your life) will love that can still get there in time.

Mother's Day falls in May, which means the clock is ticking. But luckily, this list has a bunch of ideas that can either be shipped the same day or sent as an e-gift, so you won't have to worry about limited stocks or backed-up shipping times. Here are some of our favorite Mother's Day gift ideas that you can order right now. These gifts are sure to be a hit with your mom (or stepmom, mother-in-law or grandma), and she'll never need to know you waited until the last minute.

With this gift card, your mother will be able to spend her money on just about anything she chooses. Whether it's a peaceful time at a spa, a fancy dinner or strolling around a museum, the options are only limited to her imagination. You can put a minimum of $25 on this gift card and the maximum amount is $100.

If you have a mother whose library rivals the one in Beauty and the Beast, then you know she is a bookworm. If she enjoys listening to audiobooks too, then Audible will be a great fit for her. If she's already an Audible member, you can offer her Audible credits starting at $15. And even if she isn't an Audible member, she can receive one free credit each month and have access to the catalog's thousands of audiobooks, podcasts and original material.

This is a gift for the mom who enjoys the great outdoors. Using this 57Hours gift card, she can take a trip to the mountains, learn a new skill or even revisit something she enjoyed doing as a child. Once she has this gift card in her hands, all she has to do is search for things she's interested in and go from there. 57Hours has established a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $500, but you are free to choose your own price.

Don't mess with the classics. You know that flowers will always be in style. But the most important thing about flowers is to make sure you know what kind of flowers Mom likes -- because who wants random flowers? Not Mom. Get flowers that will mean something special to her. 1-800-Flowers has plenty of options, and you won't have to spend a fortune to make Mom happy.

You have to give it to your mom -- she's a lifelong learner, am I right? If so, then grabbing this yearly membership will give her access to content from notable people including Annie Leibovitz for photography and Gordon Ramsay and Dominique Crenn for cooking, to name just a few. A MasterClass membership is like a continuous learning experience without expensive tuition. And who wouldn't love that? Right now, you can get up to 35% off membership. For just $180, she'll have expert classes right at her fingertips. This special offer ends on May 9.

Do you have a mom who loves music? If so, why not let her listen to music anywhere, whenever she wants, right on her phone. Amazon Music Unlimited will give her access to 90 million songs ad-free and with the capability to listen offline without any hassle. 

A FabFitFun gift card is a great way to bring the spa to your mother's home, especially if she doesn't want to go to a spa. She can use this gift card to sign up for a new membership to get a beauty box that will help her relax. The minimum purchase amount is $25, and the maximum purchase amount is $300.