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Best Etsy shops for decking out your tech

Crave shows you which homespun Etsy shops sell the hippest, sweetest iPod cases, laptop wallets, and other tech goodies.

How do I justify all the time I spend on Etsy, the sophisticated and simply brilliant marketplace for hand-crafted goods? If I didn't visit Etsy every day, I wouldn't be able to report back to you on the best shops for buying custom tech goodies. (I'm also certain that my Etsy obsession makes me a better gift giver. Friends and family, if this is not true, please keep it to yourselves.)

Without further ado, my favorite Etsy shops for iPod cozies, laptop wallets, and the like:

iPod Nano 2G case
iPod Crafts/Etsy

iPod Crafts
The name says it all. This store sells simple, sweet suede cases for all kinds of iPods, from the iPod Classic to...wait for it... the new 3G Nano. No iPhone/iPod Touch cases yet, but it's probably just a matter of time.

This shop out of The OC (the county, not the show) sells more than iPod cases, but deserves mention for the sheer marvelousness of its turntable-motif iPod cases. The cases accommodate iPod Classic/5G, but you can have a conversation with the owner to request a custom-sized case for whatever your player.

tinymeat iPod case

Looking for a decidedly less-girly iPod case? In the iPod case aisle of the tinymeat shop, you'll find campy and ironic cases that profile monsters, religious symbols, race cars and--my personal favorite--one that proclaims what must be true but few have experienced: Bears are smelly. (Thanks to the Etsy's Most Wonderful Things blog for leading me here.)

Working Class Heroes
Classy, classy, classy. This Austrian shop makes the most subtle and elegantly designed laptop cases I've seen. Other CNET Networks authors love 'em, too.

Janine King laptop bag
Janine King Designs/Etsy

Janine King Designs
No list of Etsy tech shops would be complete without mention of this laptop case mecca. This shop builds custom-sized laptop briefcases, totes, and sleeves in every pattern under the sun.

The deeper I dig on Etsy, the more I find. To find custom tech cozies and cases yourself, try these Etsy tags: iPod, mp3 player, cozy, laptop, and computer. Have you found a secret Etsy tech gem? Leave a comment.