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Benedict Cumberbunny hops into our hearts

"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch gets an Easter tribute thanks to chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark.

Cumberbunny is an edible homage.

Last spring, Benedict Cumberbatch fans were treated to Benedict Chocobatch, a 6-foot tall, 88-pound version of the "Sherlock" star crafted out of 500 Belgian chocolate bars.

This year, an even more adorable version of Cumberbatch has debuted.

Cumberbunny mixes the actor's face with bunny ears and the body of a rabbit wearing a bowtie.

Created by the same UK-based food artist who dreamed up Chocobatch, Jen Lindsey-Clark gave Cumberbatch another delectable makeover. Cumberbunny is a "delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom," according to her Chocolatician site.

Cumberbunny retails for £50 (about $70, AU$96).

The edible is available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate and is glazed with metallic candy dust. It weighs 400 grams (around 14 ounces).

For an additional £20, you can order a limited-edition white chocolate Cumberbunny wearing an edible 22-karat gold bowtie.

While we have yet to see Cumberbatch pose with this chocolate likeness, Lindsey-Clark plans to ship one to the actor's mother as a gift.

"I'm planning to send one over to his mum but not him," Lindsey-Clark told Metro UK. "He might think it's weird eating his own face."

Chocolatician promises that more celebrity chocolate tributes are coming soon. Who would you like to see get "twchocolatized" next?