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Ben Affleck teases a new DC cinematic universe villain: Deathstroke

The tweeted footage shows 27 seconds of the fan favorite assassin for hire.

Not sure you'd want to meet this character in a dark alley.

Big-screen Batman Ben Affleck surprised comic fans this morning with 27 seconds of tweeted video that appear to show a new DC cinematic universe character: Deathstroke.

The assassin for hire has been a cult favorite since he was introduced back in 1980 (and was originally called "The Terminator" before a certain James Cameron film became strongly identified with that name).

The footage, showing an orange-and-black-armored character walking in a steam-pipe-filled lair, looks like it was shot off a computer monitor. It's not known if Deathstroke -- if this is indeed that character -- will show up in the upcoming Justice League film (release date: November 17, 2017) or some other future DC-based project.