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Be a better Web MD with Medical Translator for Chrome

Diagnosing what ails you just got easier with this Chrome extension that translates medical jargon into plain English.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

How skilled a Web MD are you? I find that a trip to a Wikipedia page or WebMD itself for a potential ailment can create more confusion than clarity. I end up heading down a wormhole where one medical term's description leads me to google a number of other medical terms, which then quickly spirals out of control. With the Medical Translator extension for Chrome, I am a better, more efficient amateur medical researcher.

Just install the extension, and when you land on a page with more than its fair share of medical jargon, a gray bar appears at the top telling you the extension is doing its thing, which is highlighting medical terms in yellow. This leaves you simply to mouse over a highlighted term to see a short definition of it in plain terms.

(Via Lifehacker)