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BBC Olympics app on iPhone and Android has 24 live streams

The Beeb has launched its Olympic app -- read on for all the details and how to download.

The BBC's Olympic app lets Apple and Android smart phone owners watch live 'lympic action from the mobiles.

The app is free, and grants you access to the 24 live streams the BBC is broadcasting for the games. News stories, video highlights and text commentaries are among other goodies, while a virtual medals table will let you see which nations are coming out in top.

If by some chance you're struggling to keep track of all 36 Olympic events, there's a calendar that lets you see what's happening on which days of the games, so you need never miss a team dressage showdown, or a nail-biting water polo clash.

iOS gadgets including the iPhone and iPod touch require iOS version 5.0 or later, while the Android app requires Flash to be installed, and Android 2.2 or later. You can download the iOS version here, and the Android edition here.

BlackBerry owners will have to make do with a shortcut app, which creates a bookmark for the BBC Olympics mobile site.

I've tried the app, and it certainly seems bursting with information, though many of the features won't get switched on until the games commence later this month. My only complaint is that there's no iPad version -- it would be great to have a dedicated app for watching sports on Apple's tablet.

The Beeb will be broadcasting sporting action through 24 live HD channels, which you can get at through the red-button service, or via Sky and Freesat. Meanwhile the opening and closing ceremonies, along with the men's 100m final, will be shown in eye-popping headache-inducing 3D.