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BBC Sounds app unites its radio, music and podcasts

The broadcaster is fighting back against other streaming services.

BBC Sounds arrives on Tuesday and the broadcaster wants listener feedback.

The BBC will release its new audio app, BBC Sounds, on Tuesday, to bring together its podcast, music and radio output.

The free app will be available from the Apple, Google and Amazon stores.

It will tailor itself to each listener's tastes by providing quick access to the latest episodes of their favourite BBC podcasts and radio shows -- both live and on-demand -- as well as introducing them to new content via the recommended for you section.

Listeners can listen live to any of the BBC's 18 national stations (including the online-only station CBeebies Radio) or tap All Stations to listen to any of the broadcaster's 40 local ones.

The BBC is already working on updating the app with new features -- like downloading audio for offline listening -- and wants listeners to offer their feedback.

In March, the BBC acknowledged that young people have been listening to more streaming music services than all of its radio offerings, in addition to spending more time watching Netflix than all of its programming combined.