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BBC begins global rollout of iPlayer Radio app, starting in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland will be the first country outside of the UK to be able to access all of the broadcaster's radio services online.

The app will by default open on the World Service, the BBC's international news station, but all of its stations are available.

The BBC will for the first time make all of its radio services available to listeners outside of the UK, via the iPlayer Radio app.

The Republic of Ireland will be the first country to benefit, with the British broadcaster saying it's the "first stage of a global rollout". No other countries have yet been announced.

Available for free on iOS, Android and Amazon's Fire devices, the app lets you listen to all of the Beeb's radio stations, including the World Service and Radio 1. You can listen live, recorded or in the form of podcasts.

The BBC is remaining tight-lipped about whether iPlayer -- its online streaming service for all of its broadcast TV -- will see a rollout beyond the UK.