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Bang With Friends back in the App Store -- with a new name

The hookup app, which raised plenty of eyebrows before getting the boot, returns under the less salacious name "Down."

Screenshot/Bang With Friends
Bang With Friends, the controversial app that Apple yanked from its App Store in May, is back with a vengeance -- but this time, it has a new name.

The app, which connects Facebook friends interested in hooking up, now has the less titillating title of "Down." The new name appears to be an abbreviated version of what users would indicate when they were ready to take advantage of the service: "Down to bang."

But all references to "Bang" have been removed from the iOS version of the app. Now when friends want to connect on Facebook for a casual sexual encounter, they can hit the more innocuous "I'm down" button.

Even though Bang With Friends is essentially a matchmaking service, Apple had apparently removed the app from the App Store for its rather brazen approach to such hookups -- though Apple declined to give an official reason at the time.

Beyond the App Store brouhaha and a bevy of raise eyebrows, the service has been no stranger to controversy. Zynga sued the app maker last month, claiming its name infringed on Zynga's "with friends" franchise.