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Backup and restore Windows 8 with RecImg Manager

Never mind the fact that Windows 8 isn't out yet; RecImg Manager is a backup and recovery tool made specifically for the upcoming OS, and it's available today.

Slimware Utilities

Windows 8 is said to be arriving sometime in October, but that hasn't stopped Slimware Utilities from releasing its brand-new W8-specific PC-imaging program today.

RecImg Manager is a free program that's designed to back up and restore your entire Windows 8 Operating System and other installed software, without affecting your personal files. Whether your system has been corrupted by malware or you're dealing with other kinds of system errors, the ability to "refresh" your computer is one that shouldn't be overlooked.

Many backup and recovery utilities for PC work by backing up your entire disk and restoring everything, which works, but isn't exactly efficient. See, these backup files are typically huge, and as a result, the recovery process can sometimes take several hours because of the sheer volume of data being dealt with.

Enter RecImg Manager, whose makers claim to have simplified the backup and recovery process. According to them, RecImg Manager creates a backup snapshot of just the Windows 8 OS and other installed software (as opposed to the entire disk). This makes the recovery process significantly quicker, as RecImg is only reinstalling your programs and not all of your personal files. Also, the backup snapshot is significantly smaller. Not to worry, though, because all of your pictures, music, videos, and other files remain on your system untouched throughout the recovery process.

While a July release of a Windows 8-specific product may seem strange, Slimware Utilities CEO Chris Cope is confident in the release. According to Cope, RecImg Manager is being released to early Windows 8 adopters "so that they can begin planning how they can use RecImg Manager to reduce costs and improve efficiency at home or on their networks. Finally, we will be able to improve and build upon the feedback from early adopters to further improve and build variations of the software to meet their demands."

So, if you're an early Windows 8 adopter, and you've found yourself in need of such a solution, try RecImg Manager (download). It's free, and it works on any Intel-based device running Windows 8, including Microsoft's Surface tablet.