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Audible channels a new subscription service for short-form programming

The ​lineup of shows will span topics from politics to food to sports, along with curated readings from news outlets.


Channels is a new monthly subscription service for Audible that curates a collection of short-form content and original programming.


Audible has launched a new monthly subscription service today called Channels that offers listeners a variety of commercial-free, short-form audio programs including podcasts, comedy shows, spoken news articles and more.

Premium account holders that already pay the $14.95 (£12 or AU$20) monthly fee will get Channels for free and the company is also offering a standalone subscription for $4.95 (£4 or AU$7) a month.

The lineup of original shows will span a range of topics including politics, sports, mystery, romance, food and comedy, along with curated readings from news outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Scientific American.

More original programming will also be announced later this year, but you can start using Channels in the Audible app today.