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AT&T's DirecTV Now streaming video gets spotlight on Nov 28

The $35-a-month service will have more than 100 channels, but AT&T will unveil details like video-on-demand, local channels and free trials.

AT&T's takeover of DirecTV last year turned telecom giant into the biggest pay-TV provider in the US, with 25 million subscribers.
Sarah Tew/CNET

AT&T will unveil its digital television service, DirecTV Now, on Nov. 28.

The company on Friday sent out invitations for a New York event with the headline, "the future of TV is now."

The telecom giant is the latest company to present a virtual alternative to cable, aimed at consumers who have checked out of traditional pay-TV subscription service. The video options for cord cutters have exploded in the last three years, including Netflix, HBO Now and live-streaming stations like Sling TV, but cobbling together all these services can end up costly and complicated.

AT&T has already tipped its hand that DirecTV Now will cost $35 a month for more than 100 live channels, setting it up as a competitor to traditional cable and satellite as well as existing online upstarts like Sling TV from rival satellite provider Dish. It will also compete against its own U-Verse TV and DirecTV pay-TV services.

But questions remain about DirecTV Now's details, including pricing for video-on-demand options, network bundles, availability of local channels, free trial and other promotions. The company also has yet to publicly announce deals for some popular networks, like those run by 21st Century Fox and CBS. (CNET is owned by CBS).