'AT&T is Spying' report gets social media up in arms

Social Cues: Turns out people aren't too happy with allegations that their privacy may be jeopardized even more than they already knew.

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Alfred Ng
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AT&T, which has been sued in the past on charges of snooping for the NSA, is being accused again of spying on its users.

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Social media is wringing its hands over another potential spying scandal hitting AT&T.

This comes almost a decade after the carrier first faced lawsuits over a National Security Agency spy program -- and amid a general atmosphere today of privacy worries that wasn't helped by this month's accusations that Yahoo had been spying on its users as well.

Social Cues is our daily guide on what people are talking about across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what is trending on social media on Tuesday:

AT&T is Spying: The phrase started trending on Twitter on Tuesday morning after The Daily Beast reported that the Dallas telecommunications giant is helping the US government trace call records and analyze cellular data. New documents uncovered about the already known "Project Hemisphere" seem to show that AT&T has built and sold a product for millions of dollars to government agencies that searches through trillions of phone records from AT&T, according to the Daily Beast. Twitter users are furious about the alleged invasion of privacy. AT&T reps did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

Queensland: An Australian theme park turned deadly in a freak accident that killed four people. Two men and two women died on a river rapids ride at Dreamworld in Queensland. News of the deaths spread throughout social media as investigators try to figure out what went wrong.

Jay Z: He's in a campaigning state of mind. The hip-hop superstar is performing for free on November 4 in Cleveland to get out the vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. While some Facebook users are excited about the free show, others criticized the rapper's lyrics, arguing that they don't fit with Clinton's image. It's a lot like the time a surrogate for Republican nominee Donald Trump recited Beyoncé lyrics to criticize Clinton. (Yes, this really happened.)

MacBook Pro: The rumors are already swirling about what Apple's next laptops will look like. While the tech giant won't officially reveal anything until its event on Thursday, we've got some ideas of our own, too. The biggest concern for Facebook users is that Apple could be removing its USB ports. Let's see if the company has the "courage" to do that, as when it nixed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

NBA: Basketball season officially starts Tuesday. The first games include the New York Knicks against defending champions Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz against the Portland Trailblazers and the San Antonio Spurs versus the Golden State Warriors. Get ready for the NBA to fill up your newsfeed again. The Twittersphere is already waiting for the first tip-off.

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