As expected Warner Music, YouTube make up

Companies sign multi-year deal that will bring label's videos back to YouTube and enable users to include Warner's music in their clips.

Greg Sandoval Former Staff writer
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Greg Sandoval

YouTube and Warner Music Group, the third largest recording company have patched up their differences and signed a licensing agreement that will bring Warner's songs back to the video site sometime in the next few months.

Nine months ago Warner's music was pulled from YouTube after the two companies couldn't agree on a new licensing arrangement. Not only were music videos removed but users also were prevented from including Warner songs in their own clips. This led to a major backlash against the label by users.

The renewed agreement is old news now. CNET first reported that the sides had all but wrapped up the deal two weeks ago and Adage.com reported last week that the deal was concluded.

"Under this new, multi-year global agreement, you will be able to discover, watch and share Warner music on the site," YouTube said in a statement. "The partnership covers the full Warner catalog and includes user-generated content containing WMG acts."

YouTube and Warner have agreed to share advertising revenue with the majority share going to the label.