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'Arrested Development' season 5 is almost a thing

All the actors of the beloved show, now a Netflix Original, have agreed to return, its executive producer said.


Being an "Arrested Development" fan can be tough. Are there more seasons on the way? When? What about that movie we keep hearing about? All the uncertainty can get you a little blue.

Here's some comforting news though: The entire cast have agreed to return for a fifth season.

"All of the actors have agreed to do [another season] and I think they've agreed to their compensation structure," Brian Grazer, the show's executive producer told The Wrap. "That's been the hardest -- it's all hard... but it should be happening soon."

"Arrested Development" was a cult hit when it aired on Fox in 2003. Unfortunately, its following was too "cult" for its own good, as the show was cancelled after an abridged third season in 2006. The show was resurrected by Netflix for a fourth season in 2013. Since then, there have been rumblings of a movie, and in 2015 Grazer said there were plans for a 17-episode fifth season.

The elusive fifth season, if it does materialize, will almost assuredly be on Netflix. Thanks to the success of an ever growing list of Netflix Originals ("House of Cards", "Stranger Things", "Narcos", "BoJack Horseman", so on and so forth), the streamer is hoping to have half of its content produced in-house.