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Appsify.me lets you create iPhone apps without coding

New service Appsify.me lets you create your very own iPhone app, even if you're a C++ noob.

Apple's App Store is a vibrant and ever-changing beast, but a tough one to crack. Developing a successful app can require years of prior understanding of programming language -- but no more!

Appsify.me will allow any developer to create a functional, native iPhone app easily and swiftly with little effort. The service is far from cheap, forcing you to cough up $299 (around £195) for each app you make.

This may seem extortionate, but many freelance iOS developers will ask you for that per day. Once you've created your app, you can go back in and make changes to your heart's desire for no extra cost.

Hailed as the Wordpress of iOS apps, Appsify.me uses an intuitive CMS-like system to make app development accessible to beginners.

To try it out, head over to demo.appsify.me. You'll notice a sidebar on the left, which is where all your options for instant app creation live. App menus can be quickly put together, graphics can be applied and you can view stats for installs and downloads.

The project was masterminded by former Shopping.com employee Jerome Collomb and Leonardo Apiwan, a mobile web developer. Collomb told The Next Web that he wanted to find "a way to take the pain out of the development process while also making it easy to build and configure the apps".

Here's a handy video to show you how the whole system works: 

After releasing its platform to the public today, it already has more than 600 users, without raising any external funding. The company does say, however, it is looking for potential investors.

Do you think Appsify.me will be simple enough for even the most unseasoned beginners to use? Or do you think the £195 per app bill is just too high? Let me know in the comments below or over on our well-seasoned Facebook page.