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Apple's Tiger stalks Longhorn

Long wait for Longhorn marks an opportunity for the next Mac OS X, code-named Tiger, which is set for demo at Apple's developer confab.

SAN FRANCISCO--Apple Computer sees a weak spot in Microsoft's Windows strategy and is looking to pounce.

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Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer
With Microsoft's next version of Windows--code-named Longhorn--not due until 2006, the Mac maker has an opportunity to show itself as the company offering more innovation to today's computer buyers.

The company plans to show off the next version of Mac OS X, code-named Tiger, on Monday at its Worldwide Developer Conference here. While Microsoft has released only minor updates and specialized editions of Windows XP since 2001, Apple has released Mac OS X and three further moderate updates, with Tiger marking a fourth.

Huge banners at the conference tout Apple's message, with signs such as "Redmond, we have a problem," and "This should keep Redmond busy" posted alongside pictures of a Mac OS X Tiger CD.

However, Apple has said it plans to slow its own pace of OS releases somewhat in the coming months.