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Apple's updated Maps app will recall where you parked the car

Discovered in the initial beta of Apple's iOS 10 software, the app's new feature will be able to pinpoint your vehicle's location so you're left not stumbling around the parking lot.


The current version of Apple's Maps app lets you enter a specific address and then pin it, but that doesn't help you track down your car in a massive parking lot.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

"Where did I park my car?"

If this is a question you often mumble to yourself in a crowded parking lot, you'll apparently get some help from the next version of Apple's Maps app.

Demoed on Monday at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference and now available for developers as a beta, iOS 10 will pack in a long list of new features. Among them will be a new version of the Maps app that can help track down your car, according to AppleInsider and other blog sites. The feature tells you where your car is parked by dropping a pin on its location in the Maps app.

You'll be able to get directions to your car by following the pinned spot, or you can edit the location after it is pinned to add more details to supply a more accurate location. You can also add a text note or take a photo of your car's location in the Maps app, according to 9to5Mac.

Launched in 2012 as a replacement for Google Maps, Apple Maps got off to a bad start with a slew of missteps that embarrassed the company. Apple has since improved the app, and it's now generally considered accurate and reliable. But even as the default maps app in iOS, it faces competition from Google Maps, so Apple continues to beef up the software to keep up with its rival.

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In iOS 10, your parked car also will automatically show up as a recommended destination in Apple's Maps app, according to AppleInsider. As such, an option for "Parked car" will appear in the Apple Maps lock screen as a widget so you can easily return to your vehicle without having to first open the app.

Several apps already exist that can help you find your car. But the new feature in iOS 10 could be more helpful because it will be integrated directly into Apple Maps. iOS 10 is set to debut this fall.