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Apple Vet Is Going to Help Disney Build Its Metaverse

Disney hired Mark Bozon, a 12-year Apple veteran focused on gaming, to lead the creative vision of its next-gen storytelling projects.

Disney corporate logo on a phone screen
Sarah Tew/CNET

Disney said Friday it's hired Mark Bozon, an Apple veteran of 12 years focused on gaming, to lead the creative vision for the Disney metaverse. 

Bozon, who most recently was Apple Arcade's creative director for games, is joining Disney's team focused on what the company calls Next Generation Storytelling, a new group aiming to help Disney's entertainment bridge physical and virtual worlds. 

Disney is the US' biggest media company by market value, exceeded only by Apple if you count it as a media company. Disney also wrote the playbook for interconnected entertainment, epitomized by the launch of Disneyland more than 60 years ago. With buzz about metaverses at a fever pitch, Disney has introduced a dedicated team to figure out what a more digital, virtual Disney universe looks like. 

Bozon is tasked with building a multidisciplinary team working across Disney to interconnect entertainment experiences in new immersive forms drawing on gaming, film, TV, toys, parks and other parts of the company, according to Disney.

He reports to Mike White, a longtime Disney exec who was put at the top of Disney's overall metaverse efforts earlier this year. 

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