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Apple TV gets a TED channel

Apple's newly price-reduced set-top box has three new channels.

No HBO Now yet, but Apple TV has three other new channels for you to watch. Rick Broida/CNET

A couple of weeks ago, Apple lowered the price of Apple TV to $69 from $99. Today, the set-top box gained three new channels: TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood.

Apple TV's TED channel in action. Rick Broida/CNET

Of these, TED is perhaps the most noteworthy, as it allows you to view more than 1,900 TED talks on your TV. For those unfamiliar, TED talks are informative, thought-provoking presentations on notable topics, delivered by notable people. Recently, for example, Monica Lewinsky delivered a gripping talk on cyber-bullying.

The TED channel includes some 200 playlists, and if you already have a profile at, you can bookmark talks from your PC (by clicking the Watch Later icon) for viewing later on the big screen. That's a feature not shared by the Roku version of the TED channel. (At press time, TED was not available for Amazon's Fire TV.)

Also new to Apple TV is Tastemade, a digital network that serves up original shows about food and travel; and Young Hollywood, a channel devoted to music, culture and, needless to say, the young Hollywood lifestyle. It features musical performances, celebrity interviews and a smattering of original shows.

Tastemade is also available on Roku, Young Hollywood is not. Neither channel can be found on Fire TV.

As welcome as these newcomers are, they're probably not the Apple TV news you were looking for -- that is, the arrival of HBO Now, which is still expected to launch next month. For now, why not enjoy learning about "the power of introverts"?