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Apple releases iTunes 12.2.1 to fix issues with Apple Music

Just two weeks after iOS 8.4 launched Apple Music, the company released an update to fix problems with Apple Music Match and other cloud issues.


Apple released a minor update to iTunes today to address issues people were having with iTunes Match and cloud services.

iTunes 12.2.1 introduces bug fixes for problems where iTunes would mislabel matched songs from its iTunes Match service and prevented iTunes Match subscribers from signing up for a subscription to Apple Music. The update also has minor fixes that should make the Beats 1 radio station function more smoothly.

When iTunes 12.2 launched, a number of users complained that Home Sharing no longer worked on their iOS devices. Home Sharing still fully works from computer to computer and on Apple TV, and it still lets you share videos. It's only music that you can no longer share to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Though it's of little consolation at present, Apple says Home Sharing will return in iOS 9. Your free trial subscription to Apple Music will unfortunately have to tide you over until then.

iTunes 12.2 was released two weeks ago when iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4 were launched by Apple. The new Apple Music service ($9.99 per month) lets users listen to any song on demand, make playlists, and uses the Apple Music Match service to give you higher-quality versions of songs you already have in your library.

iTunes 12.2.1 is available for download now at