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Apple Music Classical Gets Its Own App on March 28

The new classical music library is included with an Apple Music subscription.

The Apple Music Classical app will be available later in March.

Apple is launching a new standalone app for classical music, dubbed Apple Music Classical, later this month. The app will feature over 5 million classical tracks, everything from "new releases to celebrated masterpieces," Apple said. People will also be able to search works by composer, conductor and catalog number to help them find specific recordings. 

In addition to a library of classical music, Apple Music Classical will feature curated playlists, exclusive albums, composer biographies and "deep-dive guides" for key works, the company said in a release. People will also be able to listen to many classical works in spatial audio

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The app has been in the works since 2021 when Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service. Apple shut down Primephonic but promised a new "dedicated experience" for classical music fans. 

The Apple Music Classical app is up for preorder now and will launch on March 28. It'll be available to Apple Music subscribers on an individual, student, family or Apple One plan at no additional cost, but isn't included with the $5 a month Voice plan

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