Apple is the greatest marketer of all time

Does any company make you want their products as much as Apple does?

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
Dave Rosenberg has more than 15 years of technology and marketing experience that spans from Bell Labs to startup IPOs to open-source and cloud software companies. He is CEO and founder of Nodeable, co-founder of MuleSoft, and managing director for Hardy Way. He is an adviser to DataStax, IT Database, and Puppet Labs.
Dave Rosenberg

How mad will you be if you got a new MacBook or MacBook Pro in the last few months and Apple comes out with some kind of super-cool new version this week?

I'll hazard a guess and say that you, like me, will be pretty annoyed. I got a MacBook Pro about a month ago and I am totally happy with it. That is, until a new one comes out with some new Flux capacitor and I find myself desperately needing to part with several thousand dollars.

That's why Apple is the greatest marketing machine of all time. Even when loyalists get mad they keep buying Apple products.