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iOS 9 will run on all iOS 8-compatible devices

Apple announced iOS 9 today with loads of new features and improvements. However, the biggest surprise is that the new version of the mobile operating system doesn't exclude any more existing devices than did its predecessor, iOS 8.

This story is part of WWDC 2022, CNET's complete coverage from and about Apple's annual developers conference.

iOS 9 being unveiled at WWDC 2015. James Martin/CNET

Apple has just announced the latest revision of its mobile operating system, iOS 9. Some of you might wonder if older devices, such as the iPhone 4S or the fifth-gen iPod will make the cut to the upgrade. Good news: they do.

As it turns out, iOS 9 doesn't exclude any devices that weren't also left behind by iOS 8. The following is the complete list of devices that are supported:

Furthermore, the list of those that are not compatible with the new OS (as well as the previous version, iOS 8) remains the same, including:

The new iOS 9 includes loads of improvements -- such as multitasking --, new apps, and it supposedly brings about better battery life. It also significantly cuts down the amount of data you need to download for the upgrade process.

Note that some of iOS 9's long-awaited features are going to be available to only certain devices. For example, while the slide-over feature for multitasking can be used on older iPads like the iPad Air and the fourth-generation iPad , split view is only supported by the Air 2 thanks to its larger system memory and more powerful processor.

The new OS is slated to be available in the fall.

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