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Apple delivers bug-fixing iOS 8.1.1 beta to developers

The new beta also offers performance enhancements and one change that affects the iOS 8 Health app, says AppleInsider.


iOS 8.1 is only a couple of weeks old, but Apple has already seeded a beta of iOS 8.1.1 to developers.

Launched on Monday, the new beta carries with it various bug fixes and performance improvements, according to the release notes. No specific details have been revealed. And since it's a minor update, we probably won't see anything earthshaking added to Apple's mobile OS.

But one change concerns the Health app introduced in iOS 8, as noted by AppleInsider. Specifically, the display of blood glucose data has been temporarily disabled for the app. Disabling that data for for now will allow Apple to support devices that display the information in a unit of measurement known as mmol/L, or millimoles per liter, which is a standard way of measuring such levels.

Since this is just the initial beta of iOS 8.1 .1, Apple may have more to add before the final release rolls out to users. But the company appears to be set with iOS 8.1 for now following a series of bugs and mishaps with prior versions of iOS 8.

Released on September 17, iOS 8 was saddled with some technical problems that prompted Apple to launch iOS 8.0.1 a week later. But 8.0.1 was even more problematic as users soon started griping that they could no longer use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor or connect to cell networks.

As a result, Apple was forced to pull the new update and push out iOS 8.0.2. That version appeared to resolve most of the issues, though some users still complained of Bluetooth connectivity failures among other things.

Apple rolled out iOS 8.1 on October 20. That version corrected the Bluetooth problem as well as a number of other glitches. However, some people have still reported issues with Wi-Fi, the performance of the Safari browser, and the usual battery drain. So iOS 8.1.1 may address some of these items.

iOS 8.1 also unveiled support for Apple Pay, the company's new mobile payment service, and brought back the Camera Roll feature so that people can more easily view their photos.