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Apple adds Microsoft Exchange support: Outlook users pleased

Apple has added support for Microsoft Exchange to it email and contacts applications, meaning you'll have easier access to your Outlook email while out of the office

Apple has added support for Microsoft Exchange to its email and contact programs. Simply type in your Exchange password to Mail, iCal and Address book and you'll be able to access mail, folders and to do lists away from Outlook.

This is a godsend to anyone tied into Outlook at work -- ie everyone -- but using an Apple product elsewhere, such as a Macbook at home. The iPhone 3G has always supported Exchange, but anyone looking for cross-computer suport has had to do it via a third party such as Plaxo.

To our great joy, Apple's Spotlight search function will also search within Exchange items, so you'll be able to search for keywords within your emails, as in Windows Live Search. Even cooler, you'll be able to create appointments by dragging a contact into iCal.