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Apocalypse Survival Training: Get fit, fight an alien invasion

A challenger has appeared in the make-believe workout app space -- and this time, you're training for an alien apocalypse.


If you need a bit of a boost to get up and at them, your imagination can be a powerful tool. Developer Six to Start has collected quite a following with its apps that encourage you to work out -- by offering you scenarios for make-believe: a zombie outbreak (jogging) and superhero training (strength workout).

Apocalypse Survival Training is along the same lines, but a little more comprehensive, offering 30-minute programmes involving running, strength training and holistic sessions in a single app in what developer Imaginactive is calling "audio fitness adventures".

"An audio fitness adventure is like an app-delivered radio play series that drops you into the heart of an action story, to work out off headphones or speakers in the company of some fairly unhinged characters," wrote Imaginactive founder Adele Kirby. "It's a fun way for us to create engaging, entertaining and effective fitness programs for you to use at your level, on your own or with friends, from home."

The first season -- currently seeking funding on Kickstarter -- takes place in London during an alien apocalypse. You join a group of survivors trying to stop the aliens and save humanity, and takes place over 37 sessions, each 30 minutes long.

"There are fantastic gamified audio adventure apps out there which you may have tried and we love too! They are generally running only programmes, or circuit only programs," Kirby wrote. "AST Season 1 is like three types of group exercise class, done in the company of a group of characters - strength circuits, holistic training and running. So over the week it represents a full body workout, and has a strong body-mind element as well. It is not gamified."

The app will be available for iOS and Android, and you can get early access for a Kickstarter pledge of £10 ($16). You can find out more about it on the official website and Kickstarter page.