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AOL's week from hell

The largest online service hopes that the worst is behind it, but many problems will linger on.

In the last week, the largest online service went through more than most companies experience in a lifetime. NEWS.COM tries to make sense of the rapid-fire developments.

AOL's not out of the woods
By Janet Kornblum
news analysis In spite of America Online's efforts to move forward, the legacy of the fiasco over its swamped system is sure to linger.

Private firm or public trust?
By Jeff Pelline
news analysis Many companies get complaints over poor service, so why is AOL drawing so much wrath? One reason: Its members are treating it more as a public utility than a private company.

AOL agrees to refunds
By Janet Kornblum
Reversing its previous position, America Online finally agrees to give refunds and online credit to members who have been unable to log on to its system.

Marketing the Nielsens
By Janet Kornblum
Finally, something positive to report: AOL released a study stating that its members spend nearly 15 percent less time watching television than the average Jane and Joe.