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AOL signs Keen deal

The Internet giant announces a deal with the online advice company, which will allow America Online members to access Keen's advisers through AOL's service.

America Online is getting some Keen advice.

The Internet giant announced a deal with online advice company Keen on Wednesday, which will allow AOL members to access Keen's advisers through AOL's service. Under the deal, AOL will integrate links to Keen's service into the computing, health and horoscope areas of its proprietary service.

Keen representatives declined to give details on the deal, saying only that Keen and AOL will share revenue generated by AOL members using Keen.

Earlier this month, Keen signed a similar agreement with Microsoft's MSN portal. San Francisco-based Keen also has revenue-sharing deals with Tellme Networks and eBay.

Keen connects advice seekers with self-described experts in fields such as automobiles, computer operating systems and astrology. The experts set their own rates and share fees with Keen.

Although Keen offers advisers with a range of interests, its astrologers, horoscope readers and relationship experts are by far the most popular with its members. As part of its deal with AOL, Keen will be providing horoscopes and astrological charts for AOL's horoscope area from Keen's 800predict Web site.