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AOL server goes down

America Online server has been down since early this morning, according to officials.

America Online users are currently experiencing one of the worst outages in online history.

AOL's server went down at 1 a.m. Pacific time and is currently still down, according to company officials. AOL said the outage is a result of the Company's regularly scheduled maintenance update and software installation.

The service is expected to be restored later today.

"Every possible resource is being brought to bear to restore the service," said Steve Case, AOL chairman and CEO in a prepared statement.

The outage has not only affected AOL's 6 million subscribers, but has caused problems for publications including The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times and Marvel Comics which are available via AOL.

AOL's ANS unit, which offers connections to corporate users also said its backbone was out of service between 7:20 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. PT. That outage affected 25 users who are served by AOL's Washington operation.

America Online is the leading online proprietary service, with more than 6 million paid subscribers worldwide.