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AOL positions its brand everywhere

AOL strikes deals with 3Com and Hughes to hold on to its top spot among Internet access providers in the United States and considers offering a free access service in Europe.


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With the proliferation of handheld computers and other wireless devices and talk of the growth of Internet appliances and converged computers and television, AOL is striking deals to hold on to its top spot among Internet access providers in the United States. The company also is exploring options to pick up steam overseas, particularly in Europe.

"AOL is playing a game of enemy-of-my-enemy is my friend."

- Abhi Chaki, senior analyst, Jupiter Communications


3Com puts AOL in the palm of your hand
America Online takes its second big step this week toward its goal of "AOL Anywhere," striking a deal with 3Com to give members access to their AOL email on the popular PalmPilot.

AOL makes a $1.5 billion bet on satellites
news analysis America Online's investment in Hughes Electronics marks a new chapter in the online giant's attempt to skirt traditional cable TV providers that still won't let the company use their broadband networks to reach consumers.

AOL to invest $1.5 billion in Hughes
America Online said it will invest $1.5 billion in General Motors' Hughes Electronics and form an alliance to provide digital entertainment and Internet services.

AOL may launch free Europe brand
Hoping to jump on the "free" ISP wave hitting the United Kingdom, America Online's European division is considering offering a subscription-free service.

AOL developing search engine
America Online is quietly testing a search engine that will list results from its proprietary service and the entire Web, in an effort to expand on its "keyword" and directory-type services.