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AOL on the move

The faltering online giant hopes for better days ahead through a new cable arrangement and a return to the idea of offering exclusive content.

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Times have been better for America Online, which faces unhappy customers, executive turmoil and charges of accounting fraud. Still, the company is hoping for better days ahead through a new cable deal that paves the way for broadband services and through a return to the idea that exclusive content will give people a reason to join--and to stay.

AOL gets long-sought cable deal
update An agreement with AT&T and Comcast means broadband connections for America Online subscribers, but it doesn't come cheap for AOL Time Warner.
August 21, 2002 
Online giant hitches its star to entertainment
Can Jennifer Love Hewitt resurrect America Online? Borrowing a page from broadcast TV, the company is betting that exclusive content--think music videos--will pull it out of the doldrums.
August 21, 2002 
AOL ads get bigger, wider, richer
Months after America Online cut back on imposing pop-ups, the company plans to showcase so-called rich media ads, attention-grabbing promotions that appear in all shapes and sizes.
August 21, 2002 
Study: AOL's got unhappy customers
Consumer satisfaction with America Online is extremely low compared with other Web portals and with almost every sector of American industry, according to a new report.
August 19, 2002 

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Unconventional business arrangements come home to roost for erstwhile Internet stars such as AOL Time Warner, which joins the list of companies under investigation for alleged accounting fraud.
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Miracle man for America Online?
newsmakers CEO Jonathan Miller speaks with CNET News.com about his plans for restoring AOL's luster and the magnitude of the job ahead.
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update Richard Parsons, AOL Time Warner's new chief executive, lays out a five-point plan at a critical juncture in the media company's brief and tumultuous history.
May 16, 2002