AOL Mail integrates chatting

The free AOL Mail gets built-in instant messaging.

Elsa Wenzel

Today, users of AOL Mail can start chatting from within their in-boxes, without having to open the AIM application. If you want to add this feature to your AOL Mail account, then visit beta.webmail.aol.com each time you log in, which will roll the new features into your existing AOL e-mail service. The changes are set to take effect later today. Gmail and Yahoo Mail beta both offer built-in chatting.

AOL Mail, which is undergoing many changes lately (details here), also offers POP3 and IMAP access for free. And by the end of this month, users of both AOL Mail and AIM Mail will have unlimited storage, which AOL Mail has offered since 2005. AIM Mail currently offers 2GB of space.

In addition, the AIM Wimzi widget launched today. It allows you to embed chatting on a Web page, including on social-networking profiles. The widget is pictured above. Sorry, I would have embedded it within this post, but I can't chat today.