AOL launches When.com beta for online events

The online events site is a rebranded version of Zvents, but with a family-friendly twist and customized search.

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AOL on Monday launched When.com, a rebranded version of Zvents' online events guide.

The two sites are largely indistinguishable except for one element: "Where when.com differentiates is the addition of Kids and Family activities, which we feel is important to our audience," said AOL spokeswoman Jaymelina Esmele. Zvents handles the categorization, but AOL draws more attention to the family-friendly events.

Another difference: the AOL version lets people search by popularity and date.

AOL expects more changes. "While it is fully functional, the site today is still a phase one beta site; we'll be continuing to introduce new features as well as update the site based on user feedback," she said.

AOL launched its When.com site Monday, a rebranded version of the Zvents online events site.
AOL launched its When.com site Monday, a rebranded version of the Zvents online events site. (Click to enlarge.) CNET News