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Send an email, schedule a conference call with AnyMeeting

Conference calls are a drag, but an essential part of most jobs. With this service, scheduling a call just became a whole lot easier.

In an attempt to change the public's general outlook toward conference calls, AnyMeeting has taken on the burden of eliminating pain points.

And starting today, a new service called Talk is available. Talk makes scheduling conference calls, with the pertinent info included, as simple as sending an email.

The trick is to copy talk@anymeeting.com on the calendar invite you send out to participants. A few minutes (or seconds) after the email is sent, each person copied will receive a follow-up note from AnyMeeting with the call details; including a button to connect directly to the call from a smartphone (pictured below). Neither yourself or those attending the call will need an account.

Sample AnyMeeting request. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Any changes you make to the original calendar invite are sent on to AnyMeeting (through the power of email) and the adjustments are made to the call-in info.

The best part? The service is free. You can schedule and hold conference with up to 200 participants without being charged a dime.

I tested the service a couple of times over the last few days and found it to work just as advertised. The call info was sent in short order, changes were reflected in the same amount of time, and the connection process to a call was straightforward.