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Anonymous posts another video against Scientology

Anonymous says it is not a "group of super hackers" and calls for real-world protests outside Scientology centers.

Editors' note, 11:00 a.m. PST: This blog has been condensed from an earlier version.

A group calling itself Anonymous is continuing its war against the Church of Scientology with a new video posted Monday. In its latest video message, the group seeks to dispel the notion it is a group of super hackers and, as though to prove it, includes a call for real-world protests outside Scientology centers worldwide on February 10. Friday night, the Church of Scientology issued a statement about the online attacks.

The latest two-minute video from the group continues to use a computer-generated voice, stock video footage of the sky or neutral landscapes, and includes a fully transcribed text version. A voice over from the video says: "Contrary to the assumptions of the media, Anonymous is not 'a group of super hackers.'"

"Among our numbers you will find individuals from all walks of life--lawyers, parents, IT professionals, members of law enforcement, college students, veterinary technicians and more. Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us..."

In a separate e-mail to CNET, Anonymous said it is planning unspecified action on February 10 in such cities as New York, Montreal, Houston, London, Melbourne, and Los Angeles.