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Angry Birds adds 15 new levels, support for Retina iPad

The latest update to the popular game soars in with a new 15-level Surf and Turf section and full support for the Retina Display iPad.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Those Angry Birds are still angry even though they can now hang out on the beach with 15 new levels.

Flying in today to iPhone and iPad users, version 2.2 of the original Angry Birds nestles in with a whole new set of challenges.

A new section dubbed Surf and Turf offers 15 levels where you can slingshot the angry birds at the piggies just trying to get a tan at the beach. As usually, the levels start off easy but get more difficult as you move along.

But don't worry, if you bump into trouble getting through a particular level, you can use one of the new power-ups. One power-up creates a "Birdquake" to shake those pigs off their pedestals. A "Sling Scope" helps you better aim the birds to reach their targets. And a "King Sling" adds some oomph to your slings to inflict even more damage on those beach-loving pigs.

Several power-ups are provided free just for upgrading to the new version. If you need more, you'll have to pay for them through an in-app purchase. But Angry Birds maker Rovio is promising one free new power-up each day.

The HD version of Angry Birds also now fully supports the latest iPad's Retina Display for a healthy bump in resolution.

The updates are free to existing Angry Bird owners. Otherwise, the iPhone version costs 99 cents, while the iPad edition will run you $2.99. So far, the update is available only for iOS users, but a message on the Android version says the new Surf and Turf level is "coming soon."