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Android 4.2 December bug fixed 'soon', Google vows

The embarrassing glitch means there's no December month in Android's People app.

Google has vowed to fix the 'December' glitch that means the merry month of yule is omitted from Android's contacts app in version 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Currently, when you choose the date selector in the 'People' app, it's not possible to enter December dates for your pals. If you were born in December and have a lot of Android-using pals, your congratulatory birthday texts are currently at risk.

Google says, "Rest assured, this will be fixed soon," suggesting that an update is on its way.

Google says that the fix means "those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won't be forgotten by your friends and family", which implies the fix will touch down at some point before December. That's when you'd expect a bug of this nature to be fixed anyway, right?

Once the big G is done repairing Christmas, it can get to work on the host of other issues affecting the latest version of Jelly Bean. Indeed, Android 4.2 is buggier than James Bond's hotel room, with glitches including flickering auto-brightness, battery issues and borked Bluetooth spoiling Android fans' fun.

Android 4.2 may be riddled with glitches, but that doesn't mean we hate it. Indeed, I've been impressed with the latest edition of Jelly Bean -- which lives on devices like the Google Nexus 4 -- especially the marvellous Photo Sphere app, which lets you take 360-degree panoramic snaps, and turn them into tiny-world pictures like the one below. Nice, eh?

Google Nexus 4 panorama planet image test

What do you think of Android 4.2? Have you noticed any bugs not mentioned above? Let fly in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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