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Amazon's rumored TV box again said to face delays

If you were holding your breath for an Amazon set-top box in time for the holidays, you might want to come up for air.

Amazon's Instant Video service on a Roku set top box.
Amazon's Instant Video service on a Roku set top box.

Amazon's rumored foray into the living room is once again said to be delayed.

The company's set-top box, a much-rumored device designed to stream the company's music, movies, and game services, won't arrive until spring, says AllThingsD.

Citing industry sources, the blog says the device isn't quite ready, with Amazon being concerned with either how different the box is from existing set-top boxes or with its current technical performance.

News of the delay comes about a week after a similar report from The Verge.

Details about the device, which would both complement and compete with existing devices that stream Amazon's content, were reported in April, with an expected launch in time for the lucrative holiday season. The device would be a first for the company, which depends on existing set-top box and TV makers to integrate its service so that subscribers can view and purchase video content in their living rooms.

CNET has contacted Amazon for comment and will update this report when we learn more.