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Amazon Web Services Wants to Teach You How to Use Generative AI

The service is offering a combination of free and paid courses on AI.

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Zachary McAuliffe
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Amazon Web Services said Wednesday that it will offer seven new courses designed to help people understand and use the company's generative AI services. Amazon will offer most of the initial courses for free. The courses are intended for developers, business executives and anyone else interested in using AI.

The free courses include Amazon CodeWhisperer – Getting Started and Generative AI for Executives. Amazon said in an email to CNET that the self-paced CodeWhisperer course will teach people about the company's AI coding companion. They'll learn what CodeWhisperer is capable of, and will be able to start using it. 

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Anyone can take these courses through Amazon Web Services.

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Generative AI for Executives is a collection of videos to introduce business executives to generative AI concepts and share how the technology can help address business challenges. 

The paid courses include the interactive course AWS Jam Journey – Build Using Amazon CodeWhisperer. This is a hands-on course designed to help development and operations professionals get practical experience with CodeWhisperer through a series of challenges.

Amazon's offering of these courses could be good both for the people taking the courses and for the company. By teaching people how to use its generative AI tool and introducing people to other tools like Amazon SageMaker, the company could give people a better grasp of how these tools work compared to what people would learn on their own. These courses could also draw more people and companies into Amazon's digital ecosystem as they become more comfortable using its tools. 

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