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Amazon wants you to know it's still hiring

The company is holding a big job fair on Sept. 17.

Amazon Fulfillment Center
Prepping packages at an Amazon warehouse in Thornton, Colorado.
Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Amazon tends to do everything on a big scale, so why should its job fairs be any different?

The world's biggest e-commerce company said it will hold an "Amazon Career Day" recruitment and informational event on Tuesday, Sept. 17, across six US cities to promote its over 30,000 permanent full- and part-time job openings in the country. Amazon added that it will also use the events to help it fill its need for thousands of seasonal workers to help during the holidays.

The fairs will be held in Arlington, Virginia, and Nashville -- both sites the company selected for major new campuses through its HQ2 city search -- as well as Boston, Chicago, Dallas and its hometown of Seattle.

The events offer a way for Amazon to show off its pay and benefits packages, which include a $15 minimum wage and up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave, at a time when the company has been harshly criticized for mistreating its employees and pressuring delivery drivers to work faster. 

The job fairs may also be needed to draw in more talent amid historically low unemployment. Amazon, which was founded in 1994, now employs over 300,000 US workers and over 650,000 worldwide, as it's rapidly hired thousands to work at its warehouses, corporate offices and tech hubs. 

Notably absent from the events is New York City, which was one of Amazon's choices for a new major campus, though heavy pushback from local politicians and activists resulted in Amazon bailing on those plans.

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