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Amazon tests Europe's Valentine's pulse

One in nine people surveyed by admit to sending themselves cards on Valentine's Day. Plus: The French are the biggest Valentine's spenders.

Ever been tempted to send yourself a Valentine when you thought no one else would? You're not alone.

One in nine people surveyed by this week admitted to sending themselves cards on that loneliest day of the year.

A broader study by Amazon's European units questioned 1,000 citizens in the region and found that the French are the most romantic, with just 46 percent saying Valentine's Day was not important. The French also spend the most on that day--between $56 and $84--and are most likely to celebrate with a romantic dinner or other surprise.

But lest Amazon try to shame you into pointing and clicking your way to your sweetie pie's heart through e-commerce, there's always the Germans.

Well over half of Germans surveyed said Valentine's Day was unimportant. Those who did celebrate were likely to send flowers, but 69 percent said they didn't think the day was significant.

And don't worry if you don't spend big or send your beloved a be-mine missive.

One in four people surveyed forgot to send anything at all. And 21 percent of all polled have never received a present themselves.