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Amazon said to plan music-streaming service for its Echo speaker

Service would cost half what rival music services charge but be exclusive to Amazon's internet-connected speaker, Recode reports.

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Amazon wants to launch a music subscription service that would be half the cost of rival services and run only on its Echo smart speaker, according to Recode.

The service would offer unlimited, ad-free music for $4 to $5 a month, half what Spotify and Apple Music charge, sources told the site. The internet retail giant would like to launch the service as early as next month but has yet to finalize deals with the major recording labels, sources told the site.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A service built around Amazon Echo could help it stand out amid a growing array of online music providers and offer additional incentive for consumers to buy the internet-connected wireless speaker wrapped around a digital personal assistant named Alexa.

Amazon already offers an Amazon Music service as part of its $99 Amazon Prime annual subscription package, but subscribers have access to a limited catalog of music.