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Amazon gets closer to shutting down,

Amazon bought Quidsi, the parent of specialty sites like and, for $545 million in 2011, but says it's struggled to make the business profitable.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is shutting down Quidsi after its failed to make a profit.
David Ryder/Getty Images

Amazon took an additional step to unwind its Quidsi business, which operates and

As of Tuesday morning, now redirects to The Quidsi site as recently as last week was the division's main portal, providing visitors with the company's history, job openings listings and links to its six specialty retail websites:,,,, and CNBC earlier reported the change to Quidsi's site.

Amazon last week said it will shut down Quidsi, which it bought in 2011 for $545 million. The online retail giant said it has struggled to make the business profitable since buying it.

All six of Quidsi's retail sites are still up and running on Tuesday, though an Amazon spokesperson last week said they too will be shut down. The spokesperson declined to say whether those sites will also redirect their traffic to or be sold, and didn't give a timeline for when the sites will close.

Quidsi's team will continue to operate as a marketplace seller on and its software development team will focus on building technology for AmazonFresh, the company's groceries business, Amazon said last week. Bloomberg previously reported that more than 260 employees at Quidsi's Jersey City, New Jersey, headquarters will be laid off, though some can apply for other jobs at Amazon.

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